Sound for the Organization of Society was formed in New Orleans in 2005 by a rebellious group of students attempting to disrupt the status quo at their music college.  After being dispersed by Hurricane Katrina, they reunited to record their debut album “India and Africa” in New Orleans 6 months after the storm.

Subsequently many band members found themselves on the West Coast of the US and the second incarnation of the band was formed, touring for two years in California, Oregon, and Washington and releasing their second album “Poem of the Underground” on Circumvention Music.

Their third tour in 2009 culminated in a tumultuous recording session and subsequently various band members once again relocated to new parts of the world.  The 2009 recordings were finally released in 2014 on PJCE Records as the band’s third album, “The Sun Opened Up.”

The next evolution of the band, the Uneven Twins, has now been formed in Europe by Ingo Deul and Andrew Oliver, two of the original band members.  Below is a list of everyone who has participated in this rambunctious musical collective since its inception:

Casey Anderson – Baritone Sax (2008 tour)

Ingo Deul – Drums, Percussion (all recordings and tours)

Kevin Dewan – Drums, Percussion (India and Africa, 2008 tour)

Mark DiFlorio – Drums, Percussion (Poem of the Underground)

Phelan Gallgher – Alto Sax (India and Africa, Poem of the Underground)

Tom Garcia – Tenor Sax, Saxello, Soprano Sax, Flute, Didgeridoo (All recordings and tours)

Eric Klerks – Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass (all recordings and tours)

Chris Mosley – Electric guitar, Fretless guitar (2008, 2009 tours, The Sun Opened Up)

Matthew Nelson – Alto Sax (2008 tour)

Andrew Oliver – Piano, Cello, Harmonium, Fender Rhodes (all recordings and tours)

Sarah Phillips – Fender Rhodes, Piano, Harmonium (all recordings and tours)

Josh Titford – Electric guitar (India and Africa)

Mary-Sue Tobin – Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Clarinet, Flute (Poem of the Underground, The Sun Opened Up, 2008 and 2009 tours)

Kevin Van Geem – Drums (2009 tour, The Sun Opened Up)

Reed Wallsmith – Alto sax (2008 tour)

Colin Williams – voice (Poem of the Underground)